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Who am I?

Many years ago I started seeking. Initially, I searched for happiness, a life purpose, and some meaning. Intuitively I felt like something was off and if I just searched hard enough, I could find what was missing. This search lead me to awakening teachings and a turning point happened when I started following my teacher Adyashanti. I heard awakening could end my suffering, so I decided I was going to do whatever it took to break free of the egoic trance. 

After many years of healing and unravelling, I felt drawn to watch a video of Adyashanti and as soon as it started, I dissolved with him into emptiness and realised - I am that. The mind emptied like water draining from a sink and I knew I was finally home. Two days later I felt compelled to attend my Zen class. As soon as the meditation began, the spiritual heart expanded including in it the room, the world, the universe - absolutely everything. Nothing was separate from the One. The realisation - I am everything - became a permanent way of being from this moment onwards.

It is my greatest joy to support others on this wonderful journey home to ourselves. I offer online private sessions and group sessions


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